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An opportunity can change LifeAn idea can change your life” is a popular quote these days, but the power of opportunities changing lives should not be underestimated. People generally tend to perceive an opportunity with “Something that I ‘m not up for right now” or “That’s not my thing” or the like. Well, simply put, it is a common mistake. While, I could just rattle on about this, I am choosing not to because I feel the thought of an opportunity brings back memories to the person, whether good or bad, of previous opportunities. But I would like to leave you all on one thought: “Good things happen to those who wait, better things happen to those who try while the best things happen to people who believe in their efforts.”

We at Letzknow, where opportunities are just a click away, would like to convey our best regards to all of you and, out of experience, advise you to consider taking chances and believing in them…. After all, it could be your next big opportunity!!

Letzknow’s home page got a new look…

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Letzknow's new look

Letzknow's new look

Letzknow Launches Customized Event SMS Alerts

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Event SMS alerts in Letzknow.com

Event SMS alerts in Letzknow.com

Today we proudly launch the SMS alert services for events in collaboration with Google SMS Channels. Thus letzknow registered users can now subscribe for customized SMS alerts for a  specifc type of event.

Impressive Progress!!!

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Letzknow has reached almost 5400 students in a small span of 2 months…As an insider; I have seen the amount of hard work, strategy planning, and brain storming sessions… that went into website development in these 2 months.

The core team is shaping very well. We now have a very good technical team headed by Dineshmani G of VIT University, strong in basics, achieves his targets very well; under him Dheeraj, a new find, very sound in web programming, yet to unleash his full potential, then comes our Surendiran, sweetly regarded as a naxalite, for his underground activities..No one can ever trace him. But when it comes to his work, he is very fast. Our Co-Founder Mr. Sures Kumar does his multitasking very well, he dons the role of Web site Integrator, Database Manager, Network Developer, and many more to name. Cool and composed, a true achiever. Manikandan, the voice of Letzknow, is our leader, regarded as Mr.Perfect, is well known for his talking abilities. He manages our team activities very well, he has convinced “Indian Express” and was instrumental in coming out with an article in Sunday Express, Tamil Nadu Edition. Our team is also featured in Coimbatore Digest.

Rising Stars!!!
Rising Stars!!!

Sures has successfully done his campaigning in Chennai, reaching Stella Mary, Loyola, WCC, MOP-Vaishnav, Ethiraj, SIET colleges; on a single day. Kudos!!  Sures is also training students from VIT University for technical work. Later Mani has done an exhaustive campaigning work at his future Alma mater Amritha University and succeeded in creating awareness amongst his folks. We have also reached the final stages of TBI funding. Thanks to the efforts put in by our founders.  Swetha and Asha of VIT University are doing their Event Entry Roles perfectly. Dharmesh is managing the Abstract Section, he now has a team of 4 guys under him responsible for entry. Anuj is doing his role of network development very well, reaching many colleges in North India. Latest additions to our campus ambassadors’ wagon is RaviTeja from JBIET, Hyderabad and Vani from BITS-Pilani.

Signing off for now,

Wishing everyone a Very Very Happy New Year ’09


Launch of Letzknow.com in VIT campus…

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( as presented to VIT Media) on Oct 23, 2008

Letzknow.com is a national level student initiative of undergrad students of various colleges. Letzknow.com, as the name suggests is a website which aims at bridging the information gap between students and campus events happening all across India. The website also offers a social networking platform to college students, faculty and alumni, under the name ‘Campuz desk’. It’s an enhanced social networking platform with features like private messages, private contacts, mobile phone sharing etc. Thirdly this website has taken up the challenging task of digitalizing all student projects in India, irrespective of the nature of the project. Students can also submit the abstract of their college level projects, be it small or big.

This national initiative was flagged off in Vellore Institute of Technology University, Vellore on 21st Oct 2008. Letzknow team has the pride of being the first student team sponsoring a departmental event In VIT. The launch was made a huge success amidst the fickle rains. Thanks to the enthusiasm of VIT students. Stalls were setup in various hot spots of the scenic VIT campus to explain the purpose of the website to the students. Even the energetic volunteers of Letzknow had enough trouble in managing the crowd in their registration desks. Cartoon like posters and attractive prizes added more spice to the launch. Various faculty members and administrative people expressed their appreciations to this effort.

At the end of the day, there were hundreds of registrations and thousands of visits to the website, marking a very positive start for Letzknow.com. It is an encouraging sign of student entrepreneurship surfacing in Indian colleges. TS Sures Kumar, BTech student of VIT University & Manikandan HK, Btech Student of Amrita University are the co-founders of the website and Dinesh Mani, another Btech VIT student heads the technical team of many talented students. So, What’s the sleeve of these young entrepreneurs in the daunting internet arena? Let’s wait and see.

RSVP / Details:

TS Sures Kumar, Btech Biotech 4th Yr student, Vellore Institute of Technology. | 98948 49647

Letzknow PR Dept : info@letzknow.com | 98945 80664

Welcome to Letzknow Blog.

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Hi all, the most difficult step in any venture is ‘to start’ ! And happy that after so much of sweet coercion(;-)) from my letzknow team guys (particularly this sures guy…) i have let my e-pen roll from today.

‘An great achievement is nothing but an IDEA worked upon’. And Letzknow.com is an IDEA which could inspire minds, and improve life in one way or other. With a tint of humility, in the past 20 days (from our Public launch day: 21 Oct 2008 ), we have been receiving very positive comments and feedback from our users (and thats what keeps us buzzing …) We are very thankful for that and we have a huge list of utilities to be introduced in letzknow in the coming days.

Lots to share … will keep my pens rolling… See you in my next post where i am going to introduce you to our Team, followed by postings about ‘whatz coming up with letzknow’

In the spirit of Organised Information ,

– team Letzknow